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Daphne Sampson

Daphne Segalas-Sampson Photography and Art

Photography and Greeting Cards


As a photographer, I view the world through my lens and work on capturing the different colors, shapes, and how all the parts makes a whole. You will see that I photograph many different subjects and use many different photography techniques. Please take a look at my animals, flowers, landscapes, sunset photography and more.

I create many digital arts and photos for greeting cards, which I find is very important. We have become a world that uses too many text messages and emails on special occasions. To have something tangible to hold on to with a picture to express the meaning of the card, is something that is meaningful and will last a lifetime.

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A Mystery Blue Bird


Chocolate Truffles Galore


Inspirational Yellow Gerbera Daisy


Beautiful Cherry Blossoms


Field Of Pink Cosmos


To A Speical Nurse Monarch Butterfly


Gondola Ride At Sunset


Happy Easter Day Lily


Happy 90th Birthday With Dog


Happy 50th Red Bottlebrush Flower


Happy 40th Birthday Blue Hydrangea


Happy 30th Birthday Red Bottlebrush Flower


Pink Peony


Dramatic Purple Iris


Pop Art Peony


Pink Winter Orchids


Here's Looking At You


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Feather Boa


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Portrait


Beauty Of A Peony


Reflections Of A Duck In Autumn Pond


Black Cap Chickadee In Pink Weeping Willow


Rivers Rocks With Lily Of The Niles


Rustic Gerber Daisy


Dark eyed Junco