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Daphne Sampson

Daphne Segalas-Sampson Photography and Art

Photography and Greeting Cards


As a photographer, I view the world through my lens and work on capturing the different colors, shapes, and how all the parts makes a whole. You will see that I photograph many different subjects and use many different photography techniques. Please take a look at my animals, flowers, landscapes, sunset photography and more.

I create many digital arts and photos for greeting cards, which I find is very important. We have become a world that uses too many text messages and emails on special occasions. To have something tangible to hold on to with a picture to express the meaning of the card, is something that is meaningful and will last a lifetime.

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Graduation Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Pineapple With Seashells


Thoughtful Boy In Sunset


Artist Pink French Tulips


Eye Popping French Tulips


Pink Hydrangea With Sea Shell


Vintage Pink Hydrangea


Fragile Purple Paper Rose


White Glowing Mum Flower


Bee Still Dahlia Flower


Romantic Red Roses With Pearls


Colorful Daisy Face


Pink Tulip On Pink Gradient Background


Thinking Of You Purple Flowers


To My Wife On Mother's Day Horses


Thinking Of You Horses


Happy Birthday Chocolate Sundae


Inspirational Sunset With Zen Proverb


A View For Your Soul


Happy Mother's Day Pink Cattleya Orchids


Peaceful Pink Lotus Flower


Hello There Macaw


Tropical Sunset


Yellow Calla Lily


Graceful Pink Tulip